Traveling Massage Therapy

60 mins

I arrive with the table, sheets, music and coconut oil.  You are responsible for having the space I need to work around my table. During this therapeutic massage, will use Y.L. Essential oils, stretching, stillness and light movement to release tight muscles to and release proteins in the muscles to heal themselves


Energy work


It always sound so hoo doo voo doo, but it is scientific for sure. It's like explaining how energy turns on the light bulb. Starting off with a full amount of energy, relaxing, breathing focusing that heat or energy to somewhere else. I like to surround the are with my hands, making it easier for me to focus and either give energy or take bad energy out. This relieving pain and raising the body frequency in that area, to heal itself.



60 mins

I am certified Hatha beginner level yoga. My focus was in Iyengar, so I focus on alignment and use props to keep the alignment as the body releases into the posture. These tool translates into other excerise forms.


Chair massage

$1 $1.50 a minute

Chair massage is a good way to introduce people to massage with keeping the clothes on, but limiting in a variety of techniques. I typically do this at fundraisers or offices with not a lot of room. $1 per minute at fundraisers, with min of 5 minutes, 100% goes to non profit. Offices I usually do $20 for 15 minute.




Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

$140 A bottle

Hemp Oil has helped me a lot in my journey of healing. It is amazing, and it might help, but you don't know till you try it out. I can explain how it helps build the body to heal itself. This is a link to me website on this product.

Dr. Christopher Shade has lots of you tube videos as well.


Young Living Oil

$1 a drop during treatment
Prices vary

Since 1996 I have been using oils and since 1998 I have been using Young Living oils. On the market, this works the best! Also love to support business that are from see to market! Because there are so many great plants that we use to make the oils with, there are so many that can help the body heal itself with that particular issue. Weather be physical, emotional, chemistry, energy there is an oil that can help you out! and depending on where you are in your life, those will change.


Experience Glass

30 mins

My hobby blowing glass, and it is a fun bucket list thing to do by yourself or with a friend/s. Every 2cd Saturday we open studio from 4-7p, if just wanted to watch or you can make you a piece glass.