Traveling Massage Therapy

60 mins

I arrive with table, sheets, music and coconut oil.  During this therapeutic massage I use Y.L. Essential Oils, stretching, stillness and light movement to release tight muscles. Each action helps to release proteins in the muscles and relax your mind to help rejuvenate your body and spirit.


Energy work


I work with you in the beginning to help focus your breathing and begin to encourage an overall position of relaxation. I surround you with my hands and a full amount of energy making it easier for me to focus and give releasing positive energy and remove negative energy. This effort helps to relieve pain and raise your body’s frequency in that area, to heal itself.



60 mins

I am a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with a focus in Iyengar. I work with you individually or in small groups on alignment, using props to keep proper alignment as the body releases into a healing posture. Theses tool translate into other exercises and forms.


Chair massage

$1 $1.50 a minute

Chair massage is a good way to introduce people to massage while keeping their clothes on, even though it may limit the variety of healing techniques. I work with your corporate event or fundraiser to offer relaxing chair massages to larger groups.


Alternative Products


Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

$140 A bottle

Hemp Oil has helped a number of my clients on their journey to healing. My clients and I have found this to help the body heal itself. Please contact me with any questions you may have or follow the link to my product site.


Young Living Oil

$1 a drop during treatment
Prices vary

I have been using essential oils in my massage practice since 1996. I love the quality of Young Living and use this daily with my clients. I believe that using oils helps our bodies heal themselves. Whether your health concern is physical, emotional, bio-chemical, or falls within the range of my energy work, there is an oil that can help the progression of your healing.


Experience Glass

30 mins

My personal artistic pursuit is glass blowing. Finding a creative release is key to helping your entire body and mind relax and unwind. Please call me about experiencing glass blowing as a creative outlet.