I strive to help people walk through life with ease. My technical journey helping individuals heal started at the Carlson College of Massage Therapy. There I studied the healing aspects of essential oils and herbs. Since then I have continued to expand my specializations and currently have a certification hot and cold stone therapy. I have advanced experience in Quantum Touch energy work. Additionally, to meet the needs of prenatal mothers and babies I take Milton Trager focused classes regularly. I work most frequently with prenatal mothers, babies, athletes, musicians/artists and increasingly with elderly clientele.

Depending on your issue, if I do not have the tools that you might need to heal, I have a great referrals of my own healers in my life.

I believe that massage, yoga, and energy work are just part of the tools we can each use to help our bodies heal continuously.

Accessing products such as essential oils or hemp oil helps each individual harvest their health and live a full, pain free life.