I strive to help people walk through life with ease. My way of helping people heal themselves have started in Carlson College of Massage Therapy. There we also learned how essential oils, and herbs healed the body.Since learning Hot/cold rocks therapy, investigating Quantum Touch energy work, and taking classes in Milton Trager's work. Prenatal mother's are welcomed, babies, athletes, musicians/artists and the elderly have been my clientele. Depending on your issue, if I do not have the tools that you might need to heal., I have a great referrals of my own healers in my life.Unity in Community. Yoga has been a big part of community, but also looking inward our selves to bring us to the present moment with posture and breath. Essential oils feed your body nutrients right through the blood brain barriers. Diet in mind, we strive for optimal health, which is a pain free life, that we could be preventing ourselves from living.